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iconDate: 03/31/2014, 01:38:27 PM CDT
Name: Donna Ray (mom ) daughter Alison
From: Cranston
Email: Donna Ray (mom ) daughter Alison

would like to visit gym w/ my daughter to inquire about joining

I am so happy you are showing interest in our gym.  I sent you a private email and look forward to meeting with you

iconDate: 03/26/2014, 06:26:16 PM CDT
Name: Leoni
From: Providence
Email: Leoni

I was wondering how old can you be to join elite all stars ? 18 ?

Our ages are from 3 on our tiny teams to our open team which there is no age limit to.

iconDate: 03/19/2014, 07:40:09 PM CDT
Name: Jalyn
From: Warwick
Email: N/A

Me and my friend where thinking about joining. But we needed to know the days. What are the days for 11 year olds.

We will not know the schedule for next season till we have placements.  I hope you will join us at our open house.  We will be putting all the information on our website next week

iconDate: 01/13/2014, 02:33:21 AM CST
Name: Joycie
From: Elite of Course
Email: Joycie


iconDate: 12/29/2013, 09:02:13 AM CST
Name: Jessica
From: Johnston ri
Email: Jessica

My daughter is very happy to be a part of elite!!! ( as am I)...

iconDate: 12/02/2013, 10:22:58 PM CST
Name: cheer mom
From: North attleboro
Email: cheer mom

My daughter is so excited to be a member of this amazing cheer program! I look forward to seeing their routines and cant wait for comps !! Sk99

iconDate: 11/25/2013, 06:53:41 PM CST
Name: Keyri
From: North Providence
Email: Keyri

Hi :) me and my friend are thinking about joining for next year we are both 13 so by the time we will be 14 I just wanted to know from what time are practices and were the address is of the gym?


We will not know next year schedule til we have placements in May.  Our Address is 70 Industrial Rd. Cumberland Rhode Island.  Please stop by anytime.

iconDate: 11/19/2013, 10:51:30 PM CST
Name: terrie frates
From: new bedford ma
Email: terrie frates

I think your cheerleaders are amazing and am looking at your program for my daughter! I have a card from your team worth registration date for Tuesday and embassy and team placement on Sunday, is it possible to learn more, register and whatever else on Sunday? I have prior obligations this week and not sure if I could get there in time. thank you and hope I hearback from you soon.

If you were unable to come on registrations you are more then welcome to come on Sunday and register.  If you have any more questions please feel free to email me.


iconDate: 11/07/2013, 04:29:29 PM CST
Name: Lily
From: rhode island
Email: Lily

What kind of clothes should we wear for the registration and team placement for the half year team?

We suggest you wear shorts, tshirt and sneakers.  Hair in pony tail.

iconDate: 11/07/2013, 04:25:49 PM CST
Name: Megan
From: RI
Email: Megan

I'm 14 and wanted to know about the half year program. How long does it go for and do you do competition? I was a school cheerleader so I'm not very experienced…is that okay? Also, when would practices be? Thank you so much :)

Hi there   Our half program runs from December - April.  Experience is alway welcomed but not required.  We feel it is our job here at Rhode Island Elite to teach you.  Practices are twice a week.  One practice during the week and one on Sunday.  Hope to see you on Sunday. 

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